I carry an assortment of quality Chinese bonsai pots.  I have various sizes, colors, and styles in stock.  Availability may vary since these are the same pots I use to pot my trees that are for sale.  These are available at the house only.

4 inch     $4.00
5 inch     $5.00
6 inch     $6.00
7 inch     $9.00
8 inch     $11.00
10 inch   $15.00
12 inch   $25.00

3 inch     $5.00
I sell my own personal soil mixes.  These are the same soils I use for all of my plants.  I have a succulent mix, cactus mix, carnivorous mix, and 3 bonsai mixes.  All are bagged in 1 gallon slider seal storage bags.  Available at the house and the markets.
Succulent Soil Mix
A mixture of peat moss, turface, perlite, and granite grit.  $5.00 for 5 lbs
Cactus Soil Mix
A mixture of turface, perlite, granite grit, and pine bark.  $5.00 for 5 lbs
Carvivorous Soil Mix
A mixture of peat moss, perlite, and sand.  $5.00 for 4 lbs
Bonsai Soil Mixes
I sell 3 different bonsai soil mixes.  My basic mix will work for most trees.  My free draining mix would be good for Junipers and Conifers.  My mame mix has the same incredients as my basic mix but the particle size is smaller making it great for small trees.  All are a mixture of pumice, turface, granite grit, and pine bark.  $10.00 for 6 lbs
Free Draining