I've been fascinated with bonsai ever since I first saw them in the old Karate Kid movies (you would be surprised how many people have told me the same thing).  I didn't really start getting into plants until after I got married and had my first place.  I had some carnivorous plants and house plants but any bonsai I bought, usually a Juniper, quickly died.  I bought a book about bonsai but most of the information in the book went over my head.  It wasn't until I took a few classes and started to talk to others about it that things started to click.  Bonsai definitely is involving, kind of like having a pet, but it's also so much fun.  It's a combination of horticulture and art.  Each tree is a living sculpture that is ever changing.  Bonsai is the main focus of my business.  At this point I mainly sell bonsai to the general public meaning most of my trees are starter trees and are less than $50.  I have temperate trees as well as both tropicals and subtropicals that can be grown indoors.  I have an assortment of trees both at the markets and the house.  I provide a care sheet for each specific tree purchased.  As time goes by I plan on getting into more high quality material, both collected and field grown trees.  It should be a very interesting journey.