I got into carnivorous plants back in 2007.  I only knew about Venus Flytraps at the time but thought they were such fascinating plants.  A plant that actually catches and eats bugs, how cool is that?  I started researching them so I knew how to grow one and soon found out that there are lots of different kinds of carnivorous plants.  Pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, nepenthes, cobra plants, bladderworts, and more.  There are also many different varieties of each of these.  Literally thousands of different kinds of carnivorous plants out there.  And so it all began from here.  I carry an assortment of carnivorous plants both at the markets and at the house.  Nothing super exotic but lots of things that many people have never seen before. Some are temperate plants and need a winter dormancy, others can be grown indoors.  Most like full sun and they need to be watered with rain water, distilled water, or water from a reverse osmosis filtration system.  They need to be kept moist to wet at all times since they are bog plants.  I provide a care sheet for these very fun to grow bug eating plants.