Probably some of the easiest plants to grow, cactus and succulents are great plants to have.  Put them in the sunniest window you have and water cactus once a month and succulents twice a month indoors and keep them fertilized and that's about it.  Pretty simple right?  Usually if people have problems with these it's because they water them too much and they rot.  These plants come from places in the world where it is dry so they cannot handle a lot of water.  A good free draining soil is a must.  They enjoy being out in the heat of the summer months and most are hardier than people think.  It can get quite cold in the desert at night.  Most enjoy being exposed to some colder nights during the winter months and this will encourage them to bloom the following year.  A lot of times having them directly on a windowsill is enough, if not try putting them in a basement or a slightly heated garage window.  Cactus and succulent flowers can be quite beautiful.  I carry a wide variety of these both at the markets and the house and I also provide a care sheet.
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