Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are very fun and interesting plants to grow.  In the wild they grow in the trees with roots clinging to the branches.  In cultivation they don't grow in soil so you can display them on practically anything.  They are tropical and like it warm and humid.  They like a bright location but don't like direct sun.  This tends to sunburn them and make them dry out more quickly.  I water them once a week by dipping them in a container of water for a few seconds submerging the whole plant.  Then I take them out, shake them off good, and lay them upside down on a towel to dry.  Each plant will bloom once in it's lifetime and then start making pups or baby plants.  These can be allowed to grow together as a clump or they can be separated once they are large enough to start a whole new plant.  I carry a wide assortment of these and they are available at both my home and the markets.  I provide a care sheet as well.

*Please note:  for the time being I'm no longer carrying these.  I've had very little success keeping them long term.  My feeling is if I can't grow them I don't want to sell them.  I would order these wholesale as well and they weren't a big part of my business since I didn't grow them myself.